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    i have a 700p - sprint and i'm bogged down in memory. i've checked thru the files and there's so much there and i'm unsure what i can delete and / or move to the card. for example- On Demand has a ton of listing i don't use -can i safely delete those? or will they just reappear upon sync?

    i've searched 'free memory' and 'memory' but didn't find any info-
    can someone direct me as to either where i can learn more or which files i can remove?

    i do have some 3rd party apps
    quick news

    thanks for any direction provided
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    The best way is to do a hard reset and do a clean install of all your apps. do a search for a clean install
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    thanks i'm sure that will help but where can i learn which program/ files are necessary? i'd like to get rid of some that show up - as mentioned there are numerous On Demand ones - there's Orange Treo - i have no idea what some of these are and like to learn.
    thanks again...

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