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    I noticed that there are a lot more new users on this board who are just starting to learn the capabilities of their new Centro. One common criticism I've heard (about Treos and Centros, especially when compared to the iPhone), is that the web browsing isn't very enjoyable: small screen, too much scrolling required, etc.

    Fontsmoother is a program that changes the default Palm fonts. For example, Blazer comes with 1 non-changeable font with 2 sizes (large & small). Large is easy to read but requires a lot of scrolling. Small allows for more words on the screen, but messes up the spacing between the letters.

    If you install Fontsmoother and change the font for the "Web" app to AletheSans 14px aa ker (which I believe is included in the download below), you will see an immediate difference in browsing on the Centro. The original Palm fonts were designed for the larger screens on earlier Palm devices. I won't claim that Fontsmoother makes browsing on the Centro as enjoyable as on an iphone, but it does improve the experience significantly.

    Here's the link:

    FYI, there is a charge for the program ($12.95), but it has an 8 day free evaluation, and comes with many included fonts. When you set it up, the default mode asks you to switch the default font for all of your programs, but the advanced mode let's you change fonts for individual programs. I would suggest picking & choosing the most text-intensive programs (i.e. Web and your email program) first, since changing the default font for all programs can mess up some dialog buttons, etc.

    BTW, I'm not affiliated with the developer--just a happy user of the program who hadn't seen it mentioned lately!
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    I want to reinforce your comment alvic51. Fontsmoother does not just make browsing a different experience (good suggestion for AlethaSans 14) but it provides a strikingly different feel to the whole OS. I use CenturySchoolbook 17 for all of the other apps except Web browsing and it gives the Centro a clean, crisp, easy-to-read look. When my trial version kicked out it was difficult to look at the default palm fonts. Definitely worth a try.

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