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    Hi all...

    Im trying to do a hard reset fresh install. I keep getting stuck on my first hotsync where its trying to install all my old crap.

    I want to be able to install things one at a time as I see fit from my old programs.

    I do have BackupBuddy installed on my desktop and its really getting on my nerves because its wanting to take over.

    Any thoughts?
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    I just completed doing this and I use BackupBuddyvfs (card) also. I followed the instructions of Perry that are found when you do a search. I first did a final hotsync to ensure that I could restore if anything went wrong and then I went into the hotsync app on the desktop under custom and changed all of the conduits for applications to "do nothing". I left the system conduits alone. additionally I renamed the backup folder on my desktop to backupold and then did a hotsync this allowed only the built in apps(contacts, calendar, todo's) to sync and then I installed all of the apps I wanted back on my Palm.

    I think this should do it but to be safe do a search on clean install and Perry's post should come up. He did an excellent step-by-step. I read everything before I tried because I could not afford to loose anything. I hope this helps.
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    Ill try that. I figured that I should try something like that. (renaming the backup folder)

    Here it goes!
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
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