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    I am using chatteremail with gmail and love it. One question: what setting do I need to use to get chatter to sync mail from the gmail? In other words, when I delete an email on chatter, it is still on my desktop. How can I get it to delete onthe desktop automatically? Thanks!
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    I think this is a problem with how Gmail handles deletions. I've found that it works instead to set Chatter to move the mail upon deletion to the proper folder for deleted items.
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    how do you set? I do not see that setting. Thanks!
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    Under "Edit Mailbox", go to the "Other" tab. Check the box marked "Move deleted messages to..." and select the Trash folder.

    Before doing this you might have to reload the folders for that mailbox.
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    amazingly, I do not have that as an option listed!
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    What version of Chatteremail are you running? Did you set up the mailbox using Chatter's automatic setup for Gmail IMAP accounts? Have you loaded the folder list?
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    I am using POP3 gmail. Is there an advantage to the IMAP? I am not very versed about this type of thing. Thanks for your advice! Also, my emails all end up getting listed in docs to go also. Any ideas why? Thank you for trying to help!
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    Have you got Chatter set to "leave copy of email on server"?
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    I do not see that listing option. I am using POP gmail. does that make the difference? Should I switch to IMAP? Is that better?
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    You should switch to IMAP, IMO. It's much better, especially when you have more than one email client.

    IMAP allows you to sync between multiple clients and leave all your email on the server. All the info gets synced, including read/unread, replied to, deleted...

    POP is old and weak.
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    I agree, and also in this instance you can move emails to the Trash folder only with IMAP.

    I use Pop3 on my computer and IMAP with Chatteremail, because I don't want to store emails on the network and I want the old ones to be archived on my computer. However, until I download them onto my computer, they're visible on the Centro using Chatter.

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