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    Hello, I'm new to this forum and to all the processes that are needed to restore/reset treo 650. Its been almost a month I broke my Treo while trying to run updater. I had to pull the cable out in the middle of the update as hotsync never responded and struck in loop. Since then any rest (soft/hard) will take me to bootload 0.22 rainbow screen.

    After many readings and hundreds of tries, I could figure out to consistently boot my treo and run hot sync and even did an upgrade last week. Issue is whenever I try to use the home key it takes me back to that colorful screen and Bootload 0.24 error this time. I cant even turn on the phone...

    Read about the 650 restore tool and also rom tool and successfully downloaded/uploaded the ROM (without any custom changes)... however the rainbow seems to have liked my treo ...

    Any other options to restore the treo and get it working? I dint try restore using SD slot....or remove third party applications and upload the these make any difference and bring sunshine to the treo? ..

    BTW its unlocked GSM..
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    You said you have done upload and download rom, I assume you downloaded it from the Treo and then uploaded it back?

    If the Treo's rom is already damaged, that would not do any good.

    Best bet would be to use a fresh copy of rom that you know is good. One way is to unzip the updater and get the undamaged rom image from it to download to the Treo.
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    I gave it a try but it comes back with a no boot.conf error. I took custom rom from this forum and tried to upload but ended with status 27 errors (rom too big). Any ideas how to get around this one?

    can I find another good rom image anywhere else?

    Thanks for ur response though
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    If you are getting the no bootconf. error, I am almost sure that what you have done is try to upload the wrong file.
    In your ROM folder, you should have an md5 file and a acepalmos folder that was extracted form the other folder there, and the zipped acepalmos folder.

    When you upload to your Treo, you need to select the correct file and the correct one of the three options that allow you to browse for the file.

    Try again but select the other source acepalmos file and that should work just fine.
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    Bluefish, I appreciate ur time to check into my issue.

    I downloaded one custom ROM (with FAT32) from this forum for unlocked GSM ..and if I use it, it is taking my PC down. It happened at least 3-4 times.

    The upload works fine if I use acepalmos zip file from the updater but the screen is stuck at palmone logo.

    I'm not able to hard reset/ZOR and my ROM upload progress bar seems to have stopped at about 70% and does not move and the status of the ROM tool will be long does the ROM upload usually take?

    Can you lead me to any other ideas?

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