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    I keep getting the following error message after selecting "Use Launchem as my launcher" and pressing the launcher button on my VPR with a 16mg Hagiwara

    Error: not enough memory. Could not resize tab record.

    I have 2mb free on the VPR and about 5 free on the card.

    If you click OK 12 times (same message ea time) I get the following error

    Datamgr.c, Line:7025, DMWriteMWriteCheckfailed

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    When I take out the 16mg card, everything seems to work fine.
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    I am using Lauchem' 3, also with VPL and 16 meg card--with no problems. I have a little under 3 megs free on internal, and just under 6 free on the card. I don't use any of the hacks; in fact I use no hacks on the Visor. If you use hacks, you may want to disable them and then see if Lauchem' works.
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    I have tried going hackless, and the error still occurs. Hey when you do a soft reset does the Launch EM lose its preference to always use Launchem?
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    A warm boot leaves Lauchem completely intact. It is working just as it should. Perhaps you should contact the developers for support.
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    Mine was fine with the beta. But the new verision has not been right. IF i reset after activating hacks or a error message, i get the palm os launcher.

    Launchem will have the check box checked to use launchem all the i have to uncheck and recheck to make it work.

    developers may need to check this one out.

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