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    Just put my Seidio Ultimate Screenguard on....i was under the impression that this just "snaps" into the screen since its a more rigid plastic than the conventional "stick on" protectors.

    Even Seidio's website says it doesnt use glue. One of the main reasons I purchased it. Ive been using Belkin Universal Screen Protectors (10+ sheets for $7.99, cut to size) so paying $10 for ONE seemed like I was getting top of the line stuff..

    So after the application I had all these little bubbles with small squiggly pieces of lint behind it. I wasnted this perfect, but now I couldnt get the screen guard off..seems like there is definately some kind of adhesive used. I didnt want to damage the nicely sharp edges but using my fingernail to pull it up.

    So here's my tip if you need to reapply it:

    Use a piece of scotch tape (I used the totally clear kind) and press it onto the screen, overlapping some of the tape onto the bezel of the phone, then pull the tape up and the screen protector will lift right off. Then with your other hand, get another piece of tape and use it on the other side to get the fine lint and dust off. Since the tape is still on the front its much easier to reapply.

    Now mine is perfect! Totally straight and not one bubble on it!
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    Though old, this is a fantastic tip. Thanks.

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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