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    I was almost seduced by the iPhone, because it seemed that the new App Store (including the essential SplashID) would allow me to keep all my info and migrate to a new type of device after 9 years with Palm. However, the more I assess the difficulty of actually migrating all my data, and the problems people are having on forums such as, the more I think I should go with Plan A and upgrade my Treo 650 to the Centro. The flashy interface and other features are just not worth the hassle. I think. So... shiny... so... smooth... so... tempting.....
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    Don't give in...
    Palm Centro (Sprint)

    Get right or get left.
    Jesus <*{{{><
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    I have been tempted by the iphone again as well. I had the first version very shortly after it came out last year. I couldn't get over the virtual keyboard and no add on applications so I returned it. Now with all of these companies making software it has become tempting again. SpashID and Splashmoney are two of my favorite palm apps and not they are available for the iphone. It is hard to replace the simplicity and the quick efficiency of the palm. With 2day and Initiate I can type anything and it will pull it up from a picture to a contact to a song to an app. Let see Iphone do that.
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    i actually tried iPod Touch previously and then returned it to apple.

    I don't dispute apple's hardware and design are better, if not best. But I can't justify buying a device that are crippled on purpose.

    PS. I am not going to spend a cent on any apple product until Apple quits lying PRPRPR $and$ $releases$ $OSX$ $from$ $restrictions$.
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    I played with a friend's new IPhone (they got it last friday) and just really wasn't that impressed. I think the fundamental thing people overlook with the whole "iphone vs. palm vs. winmob" debate is, What works best for you individually? I tried a switch to winmob, but found out I simply like the palm interface better. I have Chatter sliced and diced, DB6 rocks, and while shiny and new might be, well, shiny and new, at the end of the day, the whole point of having a SmartPhone/PDA is to make life easier, and that's what the palm os does for me.
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    I also played with the iPhone and wasn't impressed by it. I think I would be more interested in geting the iPod touch at some point. I currently have a 5th gen iPod video and use my old TX for quick web access, im and email when I'm at home.
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    I don't think iPhone is a decent email device. I replaced by aged iPod (40g)with iPod touch (32g) and using the Treo 750 and Centro as email devices. I have considered to get the iPhone to replace iPod and Treo but it has too many restrictions imposed by Apple.
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    iPhone has the best web browser but I can't live without Kinoma Player so I'm sticking with Palm for now.

    Plus, as much as I hate the Centro's tiny keyboard, the virtual keyboard on the iPhone might be worse.
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    I bought an iPod Touch for exclusive purpose of controlling my in house multi-zone audio system via it's web browser. It does the job very well, and allowed me to enjoy the very nice web browsing experience (even without flash support). So much so that after upgrading it to the 2.0 release, I began thinking about replacing my Centro with an iPhone 3G.

    But alas, I quickly came to my senses. Apple's artificial limitations on the device has turned me off to Apple once again. While the UI is very slick, the limitations for things I regularly take for granted with my Centro will keep me from making such a move.

    Silly little things like the lack of cut and paste demonstrates vintage Apple arrogance - Steve will tell you what you want, not the other way around.

    But The lack of a supported mechanism to load documents on the device for portable viewing is a complete showstopper for me. There is no way to load PDF, Word, and Excel documents due to the lack of file system access. I'd gladly give up either music or videos for this feature, but why should I need to. The device should easily be able to transfer, store and view such documents (editing would also be nice to have, but for me not absolutely required). This is really a no brainer requirement, and it's insane they did not include this in the latest upgrade.

    As a device being promoted as now ready for the enterprise, with the addition of Exchange support, this omission is simply inexcusable.

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