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    I have two very random questions about our beloved 755p.

    1. I do have the IBM Java app installed on my Treo which I use for the Gmail mobile app and Opera Mini etc. But does this IBM Java app guarantee that I will be able to run any J2ME app?

    2. I want to add a GPS chip to my Treo 755p. I don't need or want any of those telenav map services prprpr $extra$ $GPS$ $map$ $junk$ - $I$ $just$ $need$ $the$ $physical$ $chip$ $added$. $All$ $I$ $need$ $is$ $to$ $add$ $the$ $actual$ $GPS$ $chip$ $to$ $the$ $Treo$ $to$ $test$ $a$ $new$ $software$ $application$ $on$ $my$ $treo$ $that$ $accesses$ $the$ $GPS$ $chip$'$s$ $data$. $Are$ $there$ $any$ $solutions$ $out$ $there$ $where$ $I$ $can$ $just$ $add$ $the$ $chip$ $with$ $an$ $SD$ $card$? $Something$ $easy$ $and$ $small$ $like$ $that$ - $OR$ $do$ $I$ $have$ $to$ $do$ $one$ $of$ $use$ $one$ $of$ $those$ $big$ $external$ $Bluetooth$ $GPS$ $receivers$ ($want$ $to$ $avoid$ $that$)?
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    1. My experience with the Palm Java app has been pretty spotty so I cannot say conclusively....but my edumacated guess would definitely be "no".

    2. There are fair amount of fullsize SDIO GPS receivers out there, but they're hideously bulky and none of them offer Palm OS drivers. And remember, the 755p uses miniSD that is side-mounted so that poses another substantial problem.

    My recommendation is to get the cheapest BT GPS receiver possible that's NMEA-compliant. You can get them for <$60-$70 nowadays if you hunt around online. Or look for a cheap tethered GPS receiver but since most of those are older devices, they might have spotty compatibility with OS 5.4.9 & the 755p.

    Another good possibility would have been Seidio's car cradle w/ integrated GPS receiver but I believe it's for the 650 only:
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