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    I have a sprint treo 700p. It is over 2 years old and has seen better days. I have insurance thru sprint or whatever that company is and someone said I could pay a deductable to get a newer phone. Is this true? I am eligable for a upgrade but I tried the 800w and wasnt impressed enough to spend $350 and wait for the $100 rebate. A new 755p is $300 and then I have to wait for the rebate. My phone has been running slow lately and I dont have any apps except google maps. I thinks its time for a new one...
    Any ideas?
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    I would go to sprint and request an upgrade at a new customers price (755p). If they don't give you one then let them know you are jumping ship for AT&T.....
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    Just buy a used 755p for around $120.

    Should be a decent amount of them around with the 800w and other phones coming out recently.
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    look in the marketplace here at T/C. There's 4 or 5 of them for sale.
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    Ok. I went to the marketplace and saw a few 755ps for sale. The only thing that concerns me is the first post on marketplace says watch out for scams. Even with pay pal how do I ensure a successful transaction?
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    Start with the sellers post count. Remember high count doesnt mean quality just as a low post count doesnt mean crap. But be real careful if someone's selling something with only 1 or 2 posts. Click on the sellers username and click "Find more posts..." That can give you an idea of the type of person they are. Finally I would ask for some pictures through email. If something I'm selling matches the description given I've got no problem sending pictures to a prospective buyer.

    I'm sure others can give you some other things as well.
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    You can ask for specific type of pictures for them to take.

    That at least means they have the phone (doesn't guarantee they'll send it to you though). Reputation is the best way, as already mentioned. Post count, talking to them, and only pay through paypal.
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    Thanks for all the advice. They are selling for around $125 to $150. I almost have half a mind to just go to best buy and get one. They will give the mail in rebate in store and it will cost $200 (since its brand new and local). The little bit extra $ might be worth the hassle. I just dont know if the 755p is worth the upgrade or not.
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    Paying a few extra bucks for peace of mind is not always a bad thing...done it myself a few times.
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    Get it on ebay using the 20% cash back from buy it now paypal auctions = pretty cheap in the long run.

    That's how I got my Instinct ($72 off).
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    If you have the insurance then you dont need to pay anything to get a 755p. they dont give out 700s anymore so the replacement for the 700p is the 755p. Take it into the store since you are having a problem with the 700p and at worst you will pay $50 if they say that there is "moisture/water damage" to it.
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    I took it into the store and they said they fixed it. Right when I left it locked up and I had to do a reset. The only store by me with a technition always has an hour or so wait and then you have to leave the phone with them for an hour or more. I own my own business and its hard to be without a phone for that long. I agree I should use the insurance since I have paid for insurance for the last 5 years or so and never made a claim and have no problem paying a deductable. I guess I will take it back in and keep complaining. Maybe I will get lucky...
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    If you have the insurance through Sprint/Asurion, then call:

    (800) 584-3666

    Tell them you have a 700 with insurance and it just doesn't work. They will send you a new phone and a return envelope to send back your old one. They will charge you your $50.00 decutable. It is highly likely they will send you a 755P as replacemnt. They will tell you this before they send it out. If, during the call, you are told you will be getting a 700, thank them and hang up and try again later.

    This is what I did last November. I had a flakey 700P, called Asurion, and was told I could only get another 700P. I called a week or two later and was told a new 755P was on the way (which wokred out well).

    The only issue was color only option was blue (which was fine with me).

    Hope this helps. The key is to call multiple times until you get the answer you want.
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    Thank you very much. I will try that...
    Today my 700p has been driving me crazy. When i pull it out of my pocket and press a key to turn it on nothing happens. I have to do a reset. Its happend 3 times already in the last day and a half. Time for a new/replacement...
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    Here's what I've been doing, go to a Sprint Store. Tell them that you phone is acting up, maybe you have a missing button (buttons cannot be replaced on-site), and they will replace your phone for FREE. I'm currently on my 5th phone. I also have a 700p and the replacement 755 will be arriving this Monday. If you claim the insurance through Asurion (the insurance co.) they will charge a $50 fee. I'm not sure if there is still a shortage on 700p's but I went last Monday and they offered a choice of either the Centro or 755p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaMighty1 View Post
    If you have the insurance then you dont need to pay anything to get a 755p. they dont give out 700s anymore so the replacement for the 700p is the 755p. Take it into the store since you are having a problem with the 700p and at worst you will pay $50 if they say that there is "moisture/water damage" to it.
    Three weeks ago Asurion replaced my 700p with a dead BT with another 700p. When that one had a different issue (immediately - in the store) they swapped it for a 700wx!!!

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    Yeah you can't really guarantee what you will get as a replacement, as it's based on a couple factors generally out of your control.
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    So. I went back to sprint this morning and they agreed to give me another phone but said they had to order it. They said it would be another 700p. If i didnt hate windows so much id just go to best buy and get the new 800w for $200. Im just so use to palm. I played with the 800w for a day and hated that I couldnt send pics, wasnt familular with wm, and the battery wasnt that great. Damn them for not giving me the 755p... LOL
    Owell what can you do...
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    It takes some getting used to. Once I got familiar with my Moto q9c, I could navigate around basically as easily as Palm OS. But it's so different that it takes some adapting.
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    Hey papp. I see you have the instinct now. I had that for two days and returned it cause i missed the keyboard and i got it the day before it was released so it was really slow. Did they give out a software update to fix the slowness? All i do on a phone is surf the web, check yahoo email, talk and text message...
    I might be able to get used to the none keyboard if its faster now...
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