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    I haven't seen any slowness really. I don't know what you considered slowness so it's kind of hard for me to say if it's different.

    I can type pretty fast on the qwerty because it's landscape view, unlike the iPhone's forced vertical view.
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    I like to text and use a phone one handed. The landscape mode texted just fine for me on the instinct but i couldnt stand thhe ABCDEFGH etc.. keyboard in the none landscape mode.
    By slow i mean the interenet was slow and going from one app to the next had a noticable bit of lag... Plus whenever i made an error typing on the instinct i had to touch the screen three or four times to get the cursur right where i wanted it.
    Oh and i missed the copy cut and paste feature on the treos. You dont realize how much you use stuff till its gone...
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    Well I did the internet speed hack so I dunno what the stock internet settings are like. So far the speeds are pretty crazy fast on EVDO rev A.

    I don't really see lag inbetween app switching, except for apps that have a loading period (like Sprint TV).
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    Thanks for the info.
    I might have to check the instinct out again. My main problem is I need a phone before anything else. The instinct did make and recieve calls well. I realize its not a business phone and some of my emails cant be accessed thru it but if my customers cant get ahold of me or call quality is shabby then whats the point of haveing a smart"phone"?
    Once again thanks for all of yall help...
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    Just an update. I went to sprint and they just replaced my 700p with a refurb 700p. Its working fine so I guess I will just stick with this for now. Thanks again for all yalls help.
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