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    Is Activesync available for the Treo 680 Palm O.S.? I realize that there is support for Exchange Activesync, but this would be for a non-Exchange environment, just using Activesync to sync the Treo with Outlook.

    A co-worker stated that he thought it was possible, but my Googling seems to indicate otherwise.

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    Exchange ActiveSync is about getting Outlook email over the air, not about hotsyncing with your Windows PC.

    For that, I don't see why the February Outlook 2007 update from Palm wouldn't do the trick for you: <>

    You have to be set up to sync with Outlook and *not* the Palm Desktop (but you need to have the previous version of Palm Desktop with HotSync Manager already installed). Does not play nice with third-party sync conduits for the same data (like Chapura's).


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