I am using Intellisync on my work computer. When I open Hotsync, it does not find the Intellisync conduits for Groupwise 5.2. If I open and close the Intellisync manager (with or without changing settings), it will automatically close and reopen Hotsync with the installed conduits present, thereby allowing me to sync with Groupwise.

When I close and reopen Hotsync, the conduits are gone again! In fact, without opening Intellisync, the Hotsync manager only shows my Avantgo, Install, and Mail conduits. It doesn't show my conduits for PalmDesktop.

Anyone encountered this before? Have a fix? I've tried deleting the history files in the Intellisync directory, but that didn't do the trick.

I'm assuming it is a Hotsync problem, since its the Hotsync manager that can't keep its settings.