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    They cancelled the sero plan, but does that mean when my contract will they cancel the sero plan if I don't change plans and go month to month?

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    From what I understand if you are happy with your current SERO plan you are grandfathered in until you decide to change your plan/contract.

    The new Everything Plus Referral Program will replace SERO and at some point in time it will probably become a more attractive offer depending on your needs.
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    You should be safe with your current SERO plan for a very long time, as long as you don't change your plan.

    WARNING: BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL going to a Sprint store and asking for ANYTHING as they will often screw with your plan (presumably to give themselves a commission hit) and not only extend your contract, but once you loose your current plan (this goes for every old plan, not just SERO) you can NOT EVER get it back. So just be very careful. You should be able to change phones without affecting the plan as long as the rep/CSR does it correctly. As a side note, I have had my $30/mon retention plan for many, many years (450 minutes). Enjoy your SERO plan!
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    i'm so glad i got the sero plan recently...
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    My parents waited the very last minute to sign up for SERO (they're still w/ AT&T). I had to use google cache to sign them up. LOL! Cache doesn't work anymore...I tried again for a friend.

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