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    I wanted to let everyone know of 2 of my favorite programs: Takephone and 2day by

    Takephone is the best phone app replacement, and 2day is a great calendaring program. I had some issues today, and the developer (Shimon) was very quick to help me out.

    If you are at all interested in a better phone app or calendar, from a great developer, check out
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    Agreed and plus he is always improving the programs. Just check out his latest beta releases of TakePHone!! He listens to the users and makes appropriate changes and improvements!!
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    Add 4Cast to the mix. It is a nice weather program that integrates as a plugin to both TakePhone and 2Day.
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    Shimon is one developer that we all know and love - he gives and gives and gives.
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    I definitely agree with everyone here! (As you can tell by my signature).

    I've been using 4cast for a few years, and now TAKEphONE and 2Day for a few months. TAKEphONE and 2DAY are my most used apps!

    VERY happy user of these GREAT apps:

    TAKEphONE, 2day, 4cast, 2dial.
    Also check out the
    TAKEphONE skins , TAKEphONE skins thread

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