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    My husband has a Treo 650 ... last week -- after no obvious trauma -- the phone stopped working correctly. The LED is flashing green, but after a period of time -- sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 2 hours ... the phone won't turn ON when the red power button is depressed. Calls also don't ring through and the only thing we've found that will work is to remove the battery and then reinstall. When it starts... it brings up the PREFERENCES window to choose the GetDate/Time... the phone is then "off" and we have to turn it back on. I initially thought it was the battery going DEAD --- so we replaced the batter... still does it. Shows good charge. But I did notice, that my husband has stuck a small piece of paper in the battery compartment -- he said that the battery (even though it's a TREO OEM for this phone) is a tad bit loose.

    I have done a HARD reset of the phone last night... and found it dead again this morning. Ideas? Suggestions?
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    My 650 becomes unresponsive if it gets too cold. (eg if I leave it on a cold window-sill overnight) Could that be your problem?
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    Did he do anything to the phone recently? Get it wet, drop it? Install any new software?
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    Perhaps a loose SIM card (if you are using AT&T/Cingular/TMobile)

    Cut a peice of paper the size of the SIM card and put it under the SIM card. That may solve it. (A business card or double up on a PostIt notes is about right thickness.)

    Also, trying connecting it to the AC all night - if AC connect took away the problem, you know it is with the battery being loose.
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    I have the same problem. I don't remember dropping it. It beeps once and then stops responding. I have to remove battery to get it back to life.

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