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    Every time I hang up from a call the phone freezes for 10-15 seconds. I am using the AT&T version running 2.11. I do not remember this happening with the previous software versions. The phone works fine after 10-15 seconds, but it is annoying when I try to make a call immediately after hanging up from one. I am just curious if anyone else has this problem.
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    That's the $64K question! I've got exactly the same issue and it also occurs from time to time doing other things. Sometimes it's a major hassle.

    I loved the speed until I "upgraded' to v2.11. Now lags are regular. Just me whining, cause I have no answers for either of us.

    I would love to do a hard reset and reload apps again, but my what a hassle.
    Patrick Horne
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    Thanks for your response. Well, if I get bored this weekend maybe I will try a hard reset and let you know my results. Have you heard of others having this issue too? So it does seem to be something with version 2.11?
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    Seems like I've read a few times where folks have discussed lag more and more with v2.11. Love the new BT implementation, but the rest of v2.11 is a waste IMO, especially with ATT stupid PTT rates.

    Let me know what happens. I always love others willing to pay the price.
    Patrick Horne
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    FYI this happened to people I know as well as myself on my VZW Treo 700p and my current Treo 755p on VZW. I've had it happen to brand new phones with no other software installed as well as phones I've had that I've done hard resets on. Firmware updates to both phones have NOT fixed the problem and it's incredible to me that Palm has not addressed this issue. The only phone/model I know for a fact that it does NOT happen on is the VZW Treo 650, although I'm sure it doesn't happen on other carrier's version of that phone either. Pain. In. The. A$$.
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    C5. Yep, you're right. It's a pain and "seems" to always come at the wrong time. Dontcha love watching the 15 5-way & keystrokes queue up when your typing away and the thing is sleeping.

    BTW, the Treo 600, nor any other Palm OS device before the T5 / Treo 650 exhibits such behavior. It's just one of the complications from the Palm Inc decision to write it's own version of Palm OS 5, and make the OS faaaaar more complex. It's the dreaded NVFS. Fixing it is therefore going to be difficult because of the architecture which is regularly moving data between flash and program memory. My hunch is that based on about a million factors in each occurrence, the delay is due to data being transferred from one direction or another. One of the beauties of the original Palm OS, was it's snappiness. That was in the architecture of the OS, certainly not those pathetic 33mhz Dragonball procs.

    Here are the things that the NVFS Palm OS 5 devices do FOR us ...
    1. Preserves data in case of battery depletion / removal
    2. Allow large amounts of "program" memory (actually flash) in a device without requiring constant power to keep it all alive. Actual real program memory is much smaller and too small in many cases of recent Palm devices. Can anyone say Lifedrive. Thus lower power consumption, especially while turned off.

    Here are the things that the NVFS Palm OS 5 devices do TO us ...
    1. Instability
    2. Sluggish operation
    3. More expensive components
    4. Larger space and weight
    5. Horrible boot up / reset times
    6. Incompatibility with many older programs

    In short, the "zen of Palm" is history. Just give me back my screaming fast T3 with modern wireless standards and I'll go away quietly.
    Patrick Horne
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    I agree that the Treo 680 is a real problem, but I don't think the issue is with NVFS. The Treo 650 was rock solid.

    I had problems with lag with Software version 2.12 for the Treo 680 (Australian model) & had Palm replace it with the old software version. However, there were still issues of a 10-15 second lag after phone calls ended. I eventually traced this to a program called Warden, which was writing to its logfile every time a phone call ended. Turning off the logging feature of Warden solved the problem for me.
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    for me the problem of 10-sec delays was solved by turning off "automatic date and time updates" in Prefs.

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