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    Finally, an affordable data plan in Canada! In the past, data has been incredibly expensive. $30 a month for 300MB! Unlimited-use plans are but a dream. However, since Rogers announced their iPhone pricing in June, people were screaming about how expensive the iPhone phone and data plans are, and even started a campaign called "Rogers killed the iPhone" (or something). To appease the masses, Rogers now introduced a limited time offer for a data plan, $30 for 6GB, for any Smartphone! For the Centro, that sounds like a lot. So I am ready to jump for it.

    However, when I think about it, I'm not sure I really need it. There's a GPS in the car, wireless internet at the cottage, and I'm in front of a computer practically all day Mon-Fri. So to convince myself to get the plan, please tell me what are your favourite apps that require data?
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    saron, can you please point me to where you got this information? I was under the impression that this special was only for IPhone purchasers.

    If so, that would be great! I currently have a 650, I am looking to switch to the centro, and that would be a super incentive!
    - Jeeman
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    yes me too' I live in canada too (fido user) and the plans are for "roger or fido certified phones only2 ( I check with cust. service and they told me you have to have a valid IMEI number) plus the apps (ie facebook for palm or opera mini etc...) that are not fido certified wil be charged at 5c/k

    they are thieves !!!!

    their 3g plan is complete B/S (they have the same 6g for 30$ over at fido)
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    Add a 3G Smartphone Data Plan to a Rogers Wireless Voice plan.

    The 3G Smartphone Data plan is available on all 3G Smartphones including:

    * iPhone™ 3G
    * Nokia N95
    * Samsung Jack
    * Palm Treo
    * Motorola Q9h
    * HTC TyTN

    I called and ask if Centro is included, they said yes (they sell both the 650 and the Centro.) It doesn't say that you had to have purchased the phone from them, but it is possible...
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    sweet, thanks for the information saron!
    - Jeeman
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    wow cool for you
    Fido (subsiadiary of rogers) won't do that
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    so, to answer your original question, the apps I use on my treo that need data are, in no particular order:
    - Remember the milk (
    - Google Maps
    - DA
    - GMail
    - kMeteo

    That's it for me. The thing is, I tried to stay away from apps that need a data connection, because of the extra high price Rogers charge.
    - Jeeman

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