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    For some reason I thought the Centro accepted 8GB SD cards, but the book only says 4GB. Can someone please confirm?

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    I think it does, but the card info program only see's the first 4gig.
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    Unofficially, 8GB cards will work mostly fine.

    Officially, 4GB is the max, due to the Garnet OS's 32-bit addressing bug that sees everything in contiguous blocks of 4gb. Therefore, an 8GB card with say, 5 gigs of data on it will report ~1GB out of 4GB has been used.

    Unless you absolutely must have 8gigs' worth of songs/videos/images/apps, I'd heartily recommending sticking with a single 4gig card or 2x4GB cards.
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    Thank u much guys! 4GB should be plenty for me. I'd rather not have any headaches trying to mess with an 8GB. Cheaper too.
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    Switching memory cards is not an easy option for the Centro due to the funky battery cover. Better to get an 8gb if you need that much space.
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    8gb works fine. The Palm just breaks it down to 4gb increments. It's only problematic when the first 4gb is almost full and you want to save more data like taking a video or downloading files. If the only free space left on the first increment is say, 50mb and you want to download something that's 100mb, the Palm will say you don't have enough space left. Even if your laptop reads that you have over 4gb space left.

    To get over this, just add files via pc to get over the first 4gb increment. That's what I did and I can access all my files with no problems whatsoever. Vids, data, songs you name it.

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