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    I have a new Centro on Verizon. Very slick, but it reboots sometimes up to a dozen times a day, both when I'm using it and when it's just sitting. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I did replace a broken 650 with this Centro, so I may have synced in something that worked on that phone but doesn't work on this one. Does anyone have any suggestions about that? I can do some tech work but am no expert.

    Based on past experience, I won't get much help at the Verizon store on an issue like this; the folks there just know phones. Are there other places I might get better assistance?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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    Best to hard reset and set up the phone from scratch. You have a lot of old files from the 650. It should be rock stable.
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    sync the phone and then hard reset. Rename the backup folder and sync only the pim data and install your apps from scratch. It will take time but it will eliminate the garbage plus and incompatible files.
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    OR.. try a program like SafeGuard and see if it can capture and track what is causing the crashes.. I would do this first before a hard reset as it might point to you what the culprit is

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