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    I have some old images in .pdb format that I can view with "tiny viewer" and "fireviewer" on the Visor.

    I want to just view/print them off on my Win2K PC (so I can free up space on my Visor).

    Can someone let me know how to view/print/convert-to-jpg these things?


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    yup go to and download the trial version of FireConverter. From that program, you should be able to uncompress..

    I HOPE I'm right.. though actually I'm not sure.. if I'm wrong, I'm sorry for takign your time. If I'm right.. thanks for letting me help you.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I already installed the suite demo. It seems to do conversions one way. Not from Palm pdb to PC standard image.

    Thanks, though.

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