I have used Motorola phones in the past but always wanted a Palm PDA Phone since I got my first Palm Pilot years ago. I have software to develop applications in both NS Basic And C+. So when I needed to get a new phone and the Centro was affordable I got one.

Well I got a Plantronics Bluetooth headset that I can barely hear through and I will probably send it back for something else. The problem I have is I am currently and will be in Albuquerque NM for the next two months and they have a handsfree law here where to use your phone while driving it must e hands free. No biggy I got a Motorola HF 850 Car Kit installed in my truck.

Here is the problem the Centro doesn't see the HF850 I have tried everything I can think of to have show up to include following the directions for the HF850 and the Centro but no luck in the Centro finding the HF850. I checked with the compatibility on the tow and they are supposed to be compatible.

Help, what can I do to get the HF850 to show up on the Centro?