I got really tired of the bulky heaviness of my T750. I also moved from Sprint to ATT and I'm enjoying using a mobile phone again. I had been hesitant to move away from Sprint but I couldn't handle the droped calls any longer.

I also moved my 3 sons and I can't believe how much better service I have.

As far as the Centro, the only negative, small battery, is not a negative for me as I wanted a Small phone with same or better features than my last 3 Treos. My battery last as long as I need which is really longer than I expected after reading all the reviews. I am a pretty heavy user of all features including my personal apps such as MyBible.

Looking back from T600 to TC, this is IMO the best product Palm has ever put out there. Much more user friendly loaded with applications I use in my business.

I falsely thought I would sacrifice speed moving to ATT and now I'm sick, I waited so long because TC with ATT is faster!