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    Ok, whose got an iGoogle page on their mobile device?

    If you do-is it not loading up, like mine isnt??
    I had stuff set to come up on my iGoogle page, and now its all gone, it just signs me in and nothing shows up.

    They updated the format of the iGoogle page for standard computers today and Im wondering if that is effecting its ability to load on my Centro.

    Anyone else having htis problem?
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    If your talking about Google in Favorites by phone icon, it's just a bookmark to Google's home page which works great on my TCENTRO.
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    No, im talking an iGoogle page, which is unique to each user and requires you to set up an account with google and then you are able to put different things (feeds, games, weather, gmail, etc) on your iGoogle homepage as a sort of "see it all shortcut" page

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