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    I just purchased BugMe! and so far, I really like it.

    I also downloaded the plug-ins (for Action Names Meeting, Call and ToDo). I have everything installed on my Prism.

    When I make a new note, and want to transfer it to Action Names using the plug-ins, when I hit "transfer note" on the menu, it doesn't bring up a "plug-in" button per BugMe's website, I just get one line to enter text, and OK button, a Cancel button and a square with "delete note" next to it. When I type in where to transfer it, I get a message that says I must select a plug-in to transfer it!

    Has anyone used this feature, and can you give me some step-by-step *****'s instructions on how to use it????

    I'm SO confused!


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    Once you press the 'Transfer' command and get that little text line, there will be some sort of symbol directly to the left of that text line. What the symbol is depends on what plugin is currently active (like the last one used). Tap on that symbol and you will be shown a list of the possible destinations according to which plugins you have installed. Tap on the appropriate plugin and Voila!

    I hope this helps...

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    Thanks Arker! Since I hadn't used it before, there was no symbol appearing there, but I tapped to the left & the list popped up! Now it's working great. I figured I was missing something simple.

    Thanks again,


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