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    Palm kind of blew it with the updated version of Task/ToDo list. I relied on this quite a bit for my i500. The new version on the Centro does not allow you to "Show only due items". Sure you can filter by "due today", but for tasks that don't have an assigned date you will need to scroll through all your scheduled tasks to find them at the bottom.

    Also the category feature is screwed up. I used to be able to only see Personal tasks vs. Business tasks. Now in order to see what's due that day I have to see both groups in a list.

    Oh well, that's my gripe, I'll get used to it. Maybe it's just me, is anyone else feeling me on this?
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    I stopped using tasks on my device since I discovered It does more than the tasks in palm has ever dreamed of doing. They got a mobile optimized site (, which makes it just about as fast for me to enter new tasks (I'm on Sprint).

    Check it out.
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    Also, if you want much better task list options, give DateBk6 a try (free to try). I have been a very happy user for quite a few years. I haven't touched the Palm To-Do list since (it uses the Palm OS databases so all of the syncing works fine).
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    Quote Originally Posted by RDOG1 View Post
    The new version on the Centro does not allow you to "Show only due items".
    I don't use Tasks very much, and when I do it's more often through DateBk6, but there is a preferences option "Show Completed Tasks". Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like unchecking that would show you only due items. Could this be what you're looking for? Perhaps they just changed the name of the option, and reversed it (show completed vs. show due/uncompleted).
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    Actually, they had it right up through the 650, but blew it from the 700p and on.

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