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    I have just returned from a Sprint Store and my replacement (755P) is awaiting delivery. This is a replacement for my 700P.

    This is also a good-bye and thank you post to the members that make this the best treo site. I don't post much on here but have found the information and help on here to be top-notch. I, like the million+ people on this earth, am moving to the iphone. Yes I'm paying a $30 premium over sero but to me its well worth it (everything I own is Apple). Good luck to all, Palm should be grateful that they have such devote customers (unlike myself)

    Also the 755p will go on ebay, pm me if anyone wants.
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    You're lucky to have gotten a 755p out of the deal. My 700p broke recently and local Sprint stores here offer me a Centro (not a 755p), to which I refused as I already have and can't use well because of the small and rubbery keyboard. Waiting on a replacement 700p to arrive from the refurb factory.

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