Hello all,
I've learned an awful lot lurking here but now I've found one I haven't seen anyone else post on.

I have a Sprint Centro. When I connect the USB cable to a PC, the phone acknowledges it with the lightning bolt symbol over the battery and a red or green light depending on the battery status. The problem comes when I disconnect the USB cable from the phone. It doesn't recognize that it's been disconnected. The charge indicator doesn't go away and the red or green LED doesn't go away either.

I've tried a hard reset of the device and testing connect and disconnect in the clean state and it behaves the same way. I've tried two different synch cables and two different PCs. It doesn't matter if the Centro was on or off when connecting or disconnecting or even if it hasn't been turned off (sleep) at all since connecting the cable.

Since it behaves the same way immediately after a hard reset (verified all data was removed so hard reset was successful), I can safely say it's not any third party app. At this point I'm thinking there's a bug in the phone unless anyone else has seen this.

Thanks in advance for any advice.