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    Hi, my centro is teliing me I am out of memory i have a external card and I have all my music and photos on my card not on internal memory.

    right now I can't turn the phone on.

    I had this problem before and went to at&t and the tech figured it out
    it was something with emptying the internet cache. But i don't remember
    how he did it.

    and can someone tell me how to move a program to the card and not just
    copy it to the card...

    please help I can't call anyone...
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    First of all, you need a backup plan. What I would do is hard reset so I can use my phone, than restore my backup from last night. Then you can start to free memory. Do you have a backup?

    You can copy files to the card and then delete from the device. Or use a program like "Filez" which will run from the card, by the way. Files has a move function.
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    By the way, what do you have on your device taking up all that space? The Centro has lots of internal storage.
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    Hey thanks!! I deleted some of the programs that I had copied to the card.
    so now I can use my phone again.

    woo hoo!
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    heck I don't know just the stuff that came with the phone,
    I don't have any emails or text messages on it, and I have all
    my pics and music saved to the card. just wondering if it can
    be internet temp files?
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    Should be. If you go into the web app, Goto preferences, Advanced tab. Set memory limit for storing pages to something reasonable (mine is at 8 MB). Are you sure your pics are not on your phone? Do you have a lot of ringtones?
    If you go to the default launcher and click info in the menu, how muhc free space does it say you have?
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    You should have at least 30 or 40 MB free on your phone.
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