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    I wonder how feasible it is for Palm to come up with a 755p in an 800w body...

    THink of this... the motherboard for the 800w is quite similar to the Centro's... same button areas, same size... i think this is Palm's strategy to cut costs...

    If they just put in Garnet OS in an 800w body... i would still buy it... coming from a 755p owner.

    I think i am gonna love that form factor... it gives Palm OS more options... Centros for younger audiences... then this 800p for more business oriented people....

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    seems reasearch shows 64M on Centro - vs 128M on 755p
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    and i am sure they can create a higher profit margin with this kind of phone...

    Would you guys buy one?

    I will.
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    If I recall correctly, Palm has stated that there will be no more POS devices until Nova... so the 755 is "as good as it gets" for now.

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