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    Hello allz,
    Thursday I dropped my Treo 650 into the grass...picked it up took it in the house. Friday, after I finished washing my car, I went in the house and noticed that I had a text message. Well, I checked it and when I went to reply, I couldn't. The keyboard decided it didn't want to work and only the green phone, red phone and center(unlock) keys would work. The directional portion (up, down, etc.) does not work as well. Does anyone know how I could fix this? Is there a way to fix it without taking the phone apart? If not, has anyone done this and is it hard to fix? By the way, the touch screen works but I can't get to any menus other than what's listed on the first screen at the top...not the customizable menu at the bottom

    Thanks in advance.
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    No ideas...anyone?
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    Didn't see this post until just now . . .

    Not sure of anything you can do without taking it apart. Was the grass wet by chance? I presume so as dry, grass shouldn't have had an effect on your phone.

    If it was wet, you may need to take it apart to get some air in there to dry it out.
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    It is very simple to open up the phone...I had a treo 650 for about a year. And I opened mine up at least 5 times to put in a new keyboard. I also opened up my wife's and one of my friend's since he dropped it in beer. Took it apart, dried it up for a few days, and then it was up and running....They are pretty easy to open up...I suspect that the ribbon or cable that is connected from the keyboard to the motherboard got loose. There is a nice youtube video out there that shows you all the steps in opening up your treo...I viewed it the first time I opened it up...after that it was very very simple....good luck...and hopefully that will do the trick

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