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    SO how do I set them? DO I need an app to install, it gives me no list of songs or an option to import through contacts.

    I like the my 700wx so much better than this right now......good thing the Centro is for the wife.
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    The first thing you do is search the forum for ringtones. Then you will find that therre are 2 freeware programs (minitones and musictones) that allow you to edit down mp3's and set them as ringtones.

    If you don't know how to get the mp3's on the phone, I would suggest searching the forum for music, mp3, ptunes, etc.
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    I'll assume you know how to get the mp3 onto your phone or MicroSD card, then try the following free app:

    MiniTones is a small freeware app allows you to select an MP3 file and add it to your ringtone list in Sounds. It also features a file splitter so you can use a section of a song instead of the whole song.

    Can be found here:,1053.html
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    For ringtones I use the program Audacity.
    I cut out the part of the song that I want, "export" it as an mp3 and then load it onto my cell phone.
    Also there is an online editor for that:
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    I use Ringo and it works great.
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    What's the difference between minitones and musictones? I have always used minitones and was just wondering if musictones offered any advantages over minitones?

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