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    I've seen several versions of what is generically called Phone Management Software. PocketGear has a nice list.

    How, exactly, does this work for numbers that are private or numbers that show up an unknown (on a wireline phone)? Does the cell phone ring, and then the called gets a message from my phone? Or does it work the same as Anonymous Call Rejection on a wireline phone, where Verizon for example, blocks th call in their phone network before my wireline phone even rings?

    I'm about to port my hone wireline phone to my new centro and this is an important feature.

    P.S: It's a subtle difference, but Verizon's wireline phones can block private or anonymous nunbers, but cannot block 'unknown' numbers, I think. Which seems to be a loophole that telemarketers occasionally take advantage of.
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    I am not an expert on the issue, but I have purchased most of the software that does this, I have callfilter, callshield, buzzoff, and lightwav and they will prevent your phone from ringing if the call matches a predefined rule. This is not blocking from the provider of the phone service, the software just blocks it before the phone rings. most have logs to let you know what they have blocked if you really want to know. I use both buzzoff and callfilter on my centros and they work fine for me. I am about to check out call block just to see if it adds something new
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