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    I thought I'd pass this along in case someone else has a problem getting their Toyota to connect to their Treo.

    Ever since I bought my 755p I'd been unable to get it to connect with the Bluetooth in my new Toyota Tundra. The phone recognized the truck, but the truck never recognized the phone. Multiple calls to Palm tech support were a total waste of time. (I originally had the same problem with my Treo 650, but after updating it, it would connect and work fine. Updating the 755p to version 1.08 made no difference.) I finally stumbled across a Toyota user group on line and found the solution to the problem! >

    After setting up your Treo Bluetooth to find the nearby device, and entering in the vehicle's security code into your phone, the phone connects to the vehicle. Then, while the vehicle is still trying to connect to the Treo, make an outgoing call on your Treo. The vehicle detects the outgoing call and connects to the phone! Once this first connection has been made, the vehicle should recognize your Treo and connect automatically every time from now on!
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    I had the same problem with my old Treo 650 and my Lexus. Lexus uses the same Bluetooth software as Toyota. Also had to to the same thing with the 755p. I had figured out the solution by myself and posted it on the Clublexus LS boards several times.
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    Had the same issue with my Prius the first time I had to match it. I had to replace the battery and rematch it a year ago and I didn't have to do it may not be required all the time.

    On the positive side I can tell you that in three years I've never had a problem with the Prius and Treo working well together.

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