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    I have a TREO 650 which I love and have just recently ordered a CENTRO that I will be receiving next week. I have read that the memory limit on the CENTRO is 4gb. Is this all it can handle? Will only certain 4GB cards work? Need info as I am about to purchase a card of some sort so I'll have it when I get my phone. Thanks in advance.

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    That 4gb limit is superficial in the sense that you can still use larger capacity cards, the centro will just read the card in 4gb segments. For example: I have an 8gb sandisk micro sdhc with 3gb worth of stuff. The laptop says I have 5gb free space, while the centro says I have 1gb worth of space. However, once I add 2 more gb of info in the card, both the laptop and centro report the correct free space of 3gb.

    The only time it gets problematic, is when you have filled up the first 4gb on your card and use an app that needs more space on the card. Like taking a long video and you have 3.99gb of info in your 8gb card. Most probably, the app will tell you that you have no more space even if you still have 4gb left.

    It's a silly limitation if you ask me. If Palm just did something like automatically partition large sdhc's (if it really can't see the whole thing) then we wouldn't have this problem and Palm can report the ability to read upwards of 32gb cards.

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