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    Ok I did a search and didn't really come up with anything. I'll admit I could have overlooked since I am on the mobile site right now (no web at home).
    Problem is, I plug the charger in, and after a few minutes the red light switches to green, indicating a full charge. Battery icon shows "Charging (100%)". Pull the plug, though, and it goes way back down to where it was when I plugged it in. Is it my battery, charger, or phone?
    If this has been covered elsewhere, again, I apologize for not seeing it.
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    It may indicate a bad battery or the power meter is not calibrated.

    In my old iQue to calibrate the meter you soft reset the device while plugged in to external power and then charge fully.

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    Thanks for the response. I pulled the battery, let it sit for a couple seconds, then plugged the power cord in. Once it started up I then put the battery back in and it seemed to do the trick. I'll know for sure when I go to charge tonite.
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    Ok, I'm still having this problem. It comes and goes sporadically, soft reset while plugged with no battery makes it go away, but then it comes back. Do you guys think its the phone or the battery?

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