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    I got a new Centro unlocked (GSM) . What i have noticed is even if i fully charge the battery , it dies down by the end of the day .
    At 8:00 am it is fully charged and by 7:00pm it is empty and the phone turns off. Earlier i had Bluetooth and Internet On (with Auto Sync Mail).

    But then i turned both of them off and still dies down and i get 2-3 calls max in a day ( 2-3 mins each call)

    Did anyone experience this ? Any ideas to hunt the problem?
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    What have you got running in the background? What other apps have you installed?
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    i think unlocking and battery drain is mutually exclusive
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    Quote Originally Posted by omgitsroy326 View Post
    i think unlocking and battery drain is mutually exclusive
    so you can't have unlocking without battery drain, and you can't have battery drain without unlocking? I don't think that makes very much sense...i mean alot of people have battery drain who have locked phones...
    and how would unlocking suck out battery life?
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    I have a Sprint Centro and my battery is dead by the end of the day. I do a decent amount of texting, IM and net.
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    usually applications that keep pulling mail continuosly or Instant Messengers can kill the battery in a few hours
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    I think , the AutoSynch on Versamail was the culprit. I turned it off with Bluetooth On and now i do not have to charge for couple of days.

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