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    I have my new Centro, but haven't had time to sit down and getting everything swapped over from my i500.

    Does anyone have any tips for getting my data from my i500 to the Centro? I assume it might be as easy as a hotsync, but does the Centro use the same Palm OS version?

    I'm not so concernced about old apps as I am about the core data (address and memo).

    Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
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    It should be as simple as following the upgrade directions when you install the CD. Suggest you copy the Palm folder on your computer to another location before you start just in case of mishaps. The OS version is Garnet (5.4.9).
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    the set up cd will work well. you should get the option to only migrate over the core data. that is the best option since the i500 uses a much older OS. You can then add the apps slowly from your backups when you have established stability. When I originally migrated from the I500 I let the CD try to transfer everything at once and I had lots of reset problems. Eventually I had to hard reset and do what I am recommending you do. things are rock solid now.
    I would even go so far as to make sure you have a separate backup saved somewhere before you start.
    Another recommendation is to check out the 755P forum for advice. the phones are about the same and I know there are a few old I500 enthusiasts there.
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    Thanks deibelsan!

    What is the exact folder I should backup prior to the conversion?

    PS - I recognize your handle from the PDAphonehome forums. I used to post over there in the i500 forum under the username pindrop. Again, I appreciate the help!
    Palm Centro (Sprint)

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    somewhere on your pc you should have a palm folder with user directories under it. I would copy your entire user directory (and all subfolders) to user_old or something like that just in case. Probably overkill to do so because if I remember correctly, the CD converts just fine if you only let it do the core stuff and do the other stuff by hand after. The program that really gave me problems was Diddlebug.

    Yeah, I still check out PDAPHONEHOME but not much going there for the Centro or i500. This forum, MTDN, Treonauts and Sprintusers appear to be the places with the most action for this phone.

    Have fun, the Centro is OK. Nowhere near as good of a phone (even if it does support bluetooth) as the i500 but it is a better PDA/handheld.

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