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    I installed Goodlink on my Treo 750 yesterday and my battery life now is drastically reduced.
    I was able to go a full day without charging, now the battery drains very quickly without me even using the phone.
    Is there a way to prevent good from constantly checking the network?
    Even though I personally paid for the Good license, I can't get support because Good will not talk to the an end user because I am not the technical contact for the company I work for, and the company I work for is telling me to call AT&T for support since all they do is just create the account on the Exchange server and they are not responsible for my device.

    Thanks in Advance
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    Welcome to the Not-so-Good life. Battery drain is just one of many things that Good does to make an otherwise very utilitarian device close to worthless after GMM is installed. Your admin should be able to adjust the frequency of pushes, but even that will not alleviate the lion's share of your problem. GMM never sleeps. Its service always runs in the background and it seems to poll the network even when not looking for mail. Its poor notification architecture will constantly wake up your device and turn on the screen, further reducing battery life. It is better on some devices than others. Unfortunately after three years of this circus Good still does not have their act together. Version 5.xx has just as many downsides as the 4.9x versions. Your choices are either unload it or get a second battery. Sorry for not being able to give you a solution.
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    Your comments Dallas have some merit but are IMHO shortsighted. GMM is a secure push email solution for the enterprise that enables realtime email for the mobile workforce. I dont work for Good but have used their solution for several years and found it for the most part strikes a balance between end user needs and the requirements of corporate enterprise. The Good architecture is very similar to another well known push email system with a fruity name however it uses a proprietary handheld that until recently was only EDGE enabled and was mainly a push email\phone device vs. supporting GPS, games, apps, Documents, SlingPlayer etc.

    Although I represent an IT perspective, I too wish devices like the Treo 750 would have a battery life of several days or a week.

    To the OP, you can improve your battery life by simply putting GMM in Offline mode. While this doesnt stop GMM from making periodic pings so both Good Support and your IT admin can monitor your usage, coverage status, message delivery success\failures etc it will however reduce the battery drain because it will not be listening for new messages nor will it be syncing and using the cellular network. You should get 2-4 days of battery in this mode. Note there isnt much your IT admin can do to increase battery but ensuring supported or certified devices such as 750 are kept up to date with ROM or other patches, GMM on the server and clients are current rev (there are some user still on 4.8 and people wonder things are buggy).
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    Switching from 3G to Edge (go to settings then bands, select gsm only) took me from <1 day to 2-3 days. It's a little slow for web browsing, but perfectly fine for email/GMM.
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    I just got in the habit of plugging in the charger whenever I was at my desk, or in my car. Clearly, this won't work if you spend the entire day in the field but most people are near a power source for a little everyday.
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