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    I was wondering what people think I might be able to get (ebay, Craigslist, wherever) if I sell my Treo 680. I am thinking about upgrading to an iPhone, but that may depend on how much I can reasonably expect to sell my Treo for.

    It is used, about 1.5 years old, bought unlocked directly from Palm. Some scratches and a small chip, but otherwise in good condition. It would come with all the accesories, plus about 4 or 5 games I bought (in store, so I have the install CD), the Treo Smartphone TomTom GPS model (TomTom 6 Navigator, I believe), and a few other things (like a case, memory card, etc).
    I even have an old edition of TomTom I was going to throw in (with the hockey puck GPS unit).

    Is it reasonable to expect to get around $150 for that?

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    I sold a used 650 recently for $90 on eBay. you should be able to get more for the 680. You can search Ebay for completed deals and get a good sense of what 680s go for.

    I suggest selling the GPS puck and SW separately to get the most for your items.
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    The most accurate answer is searching ebay, but you should be able to get $150-$200 depending on wear and tear and use, and ability to deliver all original accessories.
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    I am going to be purchasing a 680 in a couple of weeks so I started following auctions for the phone a little while ago (eBay). I have focused my energy on new phones but looked at a couple of the better used auctions as well. Basically, they break down as follows...

    New, factory unlock and factory sealed phones $170, if you add in some extras which many auctions have (extra charger, car charger, additional sync cable, the price goes up closer to the $190 range.

    The used models I saw contained everything including the original box and ended at $130-150.

    Those are numbers from over the past 2-3 weeks and roughly 20-25 auctions averaged out. So I would say best case you are looking at $150 or so for your used 680 if you have anything including the box.

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