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    Hello all,

    I recently bought an unlocked Treo 680 from craigslist -- and so far I adore it. I've been going through some old threads for tips and tweaks and this forum is absolutely an incredible resource. I sincerely thank the treo community for building this extensive resource accessible online.

    Now I have a problem of my own. I'm don't get reception at allaround my house or on the streets. I turn the phone function on and I get no signal -- tried auto scanning for operators and no signal. I tried forcing 1800 GSM band and still no signal. However, if I leave the phone idle for 3 hours or so it picks up my carrier, speakout wireless canada. But after a few hours or so it loses the signal. I've also tried it on another sim on the FIDO network and the problem still persists.

    I'm currently using the 1.12 ROW custom rom w/ all apps removed. When I got the phone, it had the 1.03 AT&T rom w/ a rogers splash screen -- and the reception was a tad bit better.

    I've tried flashing a few different roms to see if I could get reception but none of the custom ones seem to work. Now the official ones also have trouble getting signal.

    My question is, what can I do now to sustain a reliable signal? Does the rom version (as long as its GSM) affect signal strength?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Does the rom version (as long as its GSM) affect signal strength?
    at least in my case, it does.

    My treo with 1,12 ROW can show no signal while the cheapest nokia, in the same place, same time, same carrier, will show full signal.
    Swapping SIM cards between the two... nothing changes: cheap Nokia full signal, Treo dead.

    Never had this problem while in 1.04 ROW. I'm going to flash the phone to an old custom ROM.

    also check if your stylus is the original one, since some metal styli will affect reception

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