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    What should i know before i get started? i really have no idea what to expect with the phone but i do know what i want to use it for... ill be using the internet a LOT, also texting and messaging (can i use AOL Instant Messenger?) also id like to be able to use some type of GPS function, i think its possible although i dont know how to get it or anything.

    Im pretty tech savvy in many other areas so im sure ill catch on fast to this, ive just simply never researched anything about PDA apps and such. Ive read some things about Tethering using the phone as a PAM?? im not really sure how it works but it sounds like something id be interested in learning how to do...

    Anyways, im sure much of that stuff will take some time to get into but im just looking for some getting started info at this point, just figuring out how to get AIM on the phone, best ways to do this and that etc etc...

    any help offered would be appreciated! lookin forward to being a part of this forum and learnin about the Palm OS!

    EDIT... can i get my Gmail account on this too???
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    GPS is not a function directly supported by the Palm OS - meaning you gotta have an external GPS receiver and a mapping application. Tethering? Sure - PDANet & USBModem (I use PDANet). AIM - there are bunches and bunches of IM applications (I use Mundu). GMail? Sure why not.
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    Toccer is a free aim client.
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    Don't forget to buy a hardcase you can retrieve emails from gmail and yahoo BUT with yahoo you have to be a paid subscriber to retrieve emails.
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    Just laern to use the search function and you'll be golden! There's plenty of info on this site about what you asked above...TC is a very handy reference. Welcome aboard!
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    Same as above, have fun, enjoy, search...

    I feel we're pretty equal from you post, altho I don't text/IM. i did buy a GPS & Garmin software for mine, loved it, was used to Garmin as I've owned a standalone for amny years, but then bought a house, so no $ to travel anywhere so I sold it; but it does work, with a seperate BT GPS.

    Lot's of cool PalmOS apps, games, $ and free.

    Enjoy! I have.

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