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    I am using Verizon's "Wireless Sync" application to sync my Exchange data with my phone on the road.

    If I make any changes on my desktop (email, calendar, contacts), they will appear on my phone.

    HOWEVER, if I make any changes on my phone besides email, they will NOT appear on my desktop. Email pushes back to the desktop fine, but nothing else will.

    I called Verizon support, and they said that Wireless Sync doesn't let the phone push anything back besides email. Is this correct? Is there any other way to get my info pushed back to the computer?

    Thanks for your help!! :- )

    I will post back to the board once I get this figured out.
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    I use Versamail for my exchange sync and it does push calendar events back. Why not try that rather than Verizon's exchange app?

    Verizon's probably does only support email if they tell you so.

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