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    hey there, i am a noob when it comes to palm and their phones

    i got the centro from verizon yesterday and it keeps shutting off
    ive searched for solutions but nothing

    soft reset, system reset and hard reset
    and it still does it!

    i will be done with the phone and i will turn the screen off and sometimes i can turn the screen back on but most times it will not let me turn it on and i have to take the battery out and reinsert it to get it working again.

    anyone know how to fix this problem?

    so everyone knows

    there is no 3rd party programs on there
    i tried installing safeguard but it kept diagnosing the problem with things like phone and such

    but it keeps resetting

    any help is appreciated
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    Is it the whole operating system resetting or just the phone (radio) turning itself off? I have a 755p and I have an issue where the radio will cycle itself off and then back on, but it takes forever and a day to complete the process. I do not know the cause of the issue, though.
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    it is the entire operating system
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    Sounds like defective hardware.
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    You might want to check with your carrier to ensure the phone was provisioned correctly. Could be that it wasn't and that is what is causing the resets. If not, trade it in. Either way you need to go back to the carrier.
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    try something like SafeGuard and see if it can capture the crash data and narrow in on the culprit
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    I too am unable to turn on my display a few times. Had to remove battery.

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