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    I have a stupid question. I have a friend that doesn't know how to install software via Hotsync. Yes I know it is simple, but she is afraid to touch anything and we live in different states.

    If I buy the software for her with her Hotsync name, can I beam or email the prc to her and then enter her registartion key when she is here visiting? Or does the software "have" to be installed via a Hotsync? BTW the program is Card Reader by Mobile-Stream

    Or should I try and convince her that everything will be ok and she can do it herself. This is someone that did not know what "favorites" are in her home computers browser. Ouch!

    Or as another thought - I possibly can connect to her computer remotely and do the Hotsync for her via any one of the remote control software packages that are currently out there, like "GoToMyPC", "Logmein", etc.

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    This is funny, I just bought CardReader. As long as you use her hotsync id you should be fine. In fact they emailed me a link to download the retail version .prc from. In installed mine OTA. Hotsync isn't required. If she's comfortable downloading files via blazer then it's easy to install.
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    yup. no hotsync needed.

    I buy software for my wifes Centro all the time and just use her hotsync id and then register it when she gets home. no probs there. well unless the programmer needs a device id to generate a reg code. in that case you would have to wait until she physically installs the program to get that code.


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    peterlemonjello and OLD HATCH,

    She is not comfortable to download files and currently does not have a card to save it to and her email may not be set up correctly anyway.

    Do you think I can download the prc to my card and then beam it to her?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MouseGlider View Post
    currently does not have a card to save it to
    Forgive the this stupid question, if your friend does not have a card, why does she need CardReader?

    If your friend is uncomfortable using a desktop, downloading files via Blazer and prolly no email setup on her devices, it would be better if you got her device in hand and installed it when she gets a card.

    And show her how to use CardReader on her device and desktop.

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    Not a stupid question - I ordered her a card and other things and am trying to set her up with more functionality, i.e. load her up with mp3's, a few movies, etc while she is here visiting. It would be simple if she had a laptop, then she could bring it here and I could do everything while she is here - but she has a tower

    We are in different states and she comes to visit her sister from time to time - thats why if worse comes to worse, I may have to connect to her remotely via remote control software to install some software - which I may end up doing.

    The first thing I have in mind because I know it works, is to beam her an app called NVBackup and make an image before I start messing with it as someone at BestBuy set up her Bluetooth dials to her car - so I don't want to mess that up, and if I do, I can bring her back to working order easily.

    So the question remains - can I successfully beam her Card Reader from my card as obviously I don't want that app on my 755p as I already have it.
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    Yeah, you can beam it from your device to hers.

    I would suggest pairing your phone with her phone and bluetooth it over to hers. IR beaming is so slow.

    I bluetooth transfer files from my 700p to my Centro and vice versa all the time.

    I don't hotsync my devices anymore. I install files requiring a hotsync via email and install files via bluetooth and OTA download to the devices and put my Centro micro card with adapter in my 700p and swap files with Resco Explorer all the time.

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    Cool! I never thought of using Bluetooth instead of IR beaming.

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