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    I have been having issues typing on my 755p lately. The issue has to do with letters being skipped in the middle of words while I am trying to type. The problem seems to be worse with certain keys than others. Originally, I thought that my Treo was just wearing out, but I have recently begun to think differently. The main reason I'm starting to think the issue may be hardware/software related is due to the fact that these malfunctioning key presses are significant enough to reset the option button even though no letter/symbol appears on the screen.

    Does this make sense? Has anyone else had this issue? Its extremely irritating, and I can no longer deal with it. Thanks
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    I've had the same problem, mainly with the H I J K keys. Actually, I suspect it's just a keyboard wear problem, possibly with dirt/moisture getting under the contacts. I had that problem a couple years ago with my aging 650, and my local Sprint store replaced the keypad (at no charge) in just a few mins. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to inquire if they'll likewise replace it this time around.
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    Same here, its getting annoying. I also think its the dirt...
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    Same "t" key only works about 20% of the time. I have to re-read all e-mails and text, then correct them.
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    Can't say I've seen this. My Treo 755p still works like it did the first day.
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    Yep, another "same here" post.

    "D" "O" and "Z" keys on my 755p. I have to go back, click on the word missing the letter, and press again the missing letter ... harder this time (it finally types, but ...). Really annoying. Never had this problem with my old and heavily used 650.
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    It happens to me primarily with "N" and the spacebar. The strange thing is that these presses are significant enough to reset the option button. In other words, say I were trying to type a "?" by pressing the option + "N" key, if I don't press the "N" hard enough, I have to re-hit the option button. Its like I am pressing the button hard enough for the Option key to be triggered, but not the actual letter. My 800W can't get here soon enough. I still need to fix this problem though, or else my wife will be complaining when she inherits it...
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    I had the same issue, my F key would work unless I slammed my finger down on it. I went to a Sprint Store in downtown Boston and they tried to fix the issue but ended put giving me a new 755p.

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