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    What's the deal with Safeguard? Heard good things about this app & its developer, but have e-mailed them four times and never received a response! While it seems Safeguard can track resets and tell you the cause (I seem to always get "fatal exception"), there is no indication that it can PREVENT these resets. Is it just for information's sake, or does it actually DO something?
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    Actually the information is very helpful in letting you know which app is the likely culprit in causing crashes. Before SafeGuard, you had to largely check by trial and error to figure out which app it was. SafeGuard also allows you to quarantine that app, so that it doesn't cause you any more resets. It also catches reset loops and automatically quarantines the app. Obviously it can't repair malfunctioning apps. But what it can do (through the Remote Support link at the bottom) is to send a copy of your crash log to the developer of the app, so that they can see what may be causing the problem and hopefully, fix it. Of course, resets can also be caused by corrupt databases or conflicting software, which SafeGuard is not going to help you with. DBFixIt and TealScan will help with the corrupt databases. Not sure why GoTreo is not responding, as that is not typical. Jeff Gibson (the developer) has been absent from the forums for some time now (about a month). Not sure what is going on. He is usually a very concientious developer. Perhaps there is some personal emergency.
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    Thanks Treo Musketeers. I had read all of these things, but would really like to "talk" to the developer about the messages I'm getting. Hopefully, he is ok & will respond when he can.
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    I know Jeff had added a service (for $$$) that would assist you in identifying the specific cause of the crash and interpreting what the messages meant. Not sure how many users have actually signed up for this as the message and the identification of the possible App tends to be sufficient to get a developer to fix the issue (a responsive one that is). You may want ot see if that service is something you'd be interested in.
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    Jeff used to be great about responding to questions and concerns, but of late that seems to have slipped. I know he posted a question in the developers forum about moving to WM programs, so maybe his attention has moved elsewhere. It's too bad.
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    Sorry for the long delay! I had 3 disks rupture in my neck and caused my left arm to be completely useless. After that, I could not type or do any computer work. I had spinal surgery and am now back 100%. Again, I am sorry for the lack of support but that is a thing of the past.....

    Yes I do have a support service that works with SafeGuard that provides live phone support for Treo/Centro problems.

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    Welcome back Jeff and glad you're doing well.
    Good Luck.
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    Wow Jeff, that sounds rough. That's great you feel back to 100% though. Not many people with serious back issues can say that. No need to apologize for any lack of support. SOme things are clearly more important than others.

    Take care.
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    Thanks all for your understanding and well wishes! It was a rough ride that I am glad to see come to a close. Now I need to sell some software so I can pay for all of the medical bills. Being self-employed is a challenge in today's insurance climate.


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