I have read in numerous posts floating around the net that the 650 actually uses Bluetooth 1.2 hardware but the software stopped at 1.13. The Bluetooth(BT) ear piece I have is supposed to work with 1.13, but what it does is turn off automatically after 15 minutes in standby.

Now of course the nice people at the company that makes the device are not going to take the blame for this one. But in their defense I did try it with several other phones with varying revs of BT and, as they indicated, the device seems to only do this with the 650.

So... I have the ROM files from newer PalmOS based Treos, including the BT files, of course. Now I need to know what to do with them. LOL

Take the 680, for example:
680: ----------------------------------- 650:
BtCommVdrv.prc ------------------------ BtCommVdrvLib_Device.bprc
BtCommVdrv_enUS.prc ------------------ BtCommVdrvLib_Device_enUS.oprc
---------------------------------------- BtDeviceLib_Device.prc
BtExgLib.prc ---------------------------- BtExgLib_Device.bprc
BtExgLib_enUS.prc ---------------------- BtExgLib_Device_enUS.oprc
BtExt.prc ------------------------------- BluetoothExt_Device.prc
BtHandsfree.prc ------------------------ BtHandsfreePnl_Device.bprc
BtHandsfree_enUS.prc ------------------ BtHandsfreePnl_Device_enUS.oprc
BtHsmLib.prc --------------------------- BtHsmLib_Device.prc
BtLib.prc ------------------------------- BtLibLib_Device.bprc
BtLib_enUS.prc ------------------------- BtLibLib_Device_enUS.oprc
BtManager.prc ------------------------- BtManagerApp.bprc
BtManager_enUS.prc ------------------- BtManagerApp_enUS.oprc
BtManPnl.prc -------------- ------------ BtManPnl.prc
BtStack.prc ---------------------------- BtStackLib_Device.prc
BtTransport.prc ------------------------ BtTransportLib_Device.bprc
BtTransport_enUS.prc ------------------ BtTransportLib_Device_enUS.oprc

The files (above) are arranged to indicate which files are equivalent to each other and which ones have no equivalent. While the file names themselves are different the internal names are near matches. And even though I do not know what the changes are to the files, it is easy to see that on the 680 the PRCs are slightly larger then the BPRCs the 650.

Similarly, The OPRC "equivalents" are nearly identical to each other - same internal name, same apx. length, but the code is different.

I need to know if there is some way I might be able to use the 680 files on the 650. I do not care about features that I do not already have, so they can easily be sacrificed if need be.

Has anyone done this? Can anyone do this? How can I do this?