Hey, everyone. I posted this over at Treonauts, but haven't received a reply yet. I figured I'd post it here as well.

I have an AT&T Centro and an unbranded Treo 680. I want to swap between them at random - sometimes I want a smaller device, sometimes the larger keyboard. When I tried this first, the 680 was my primary device. I hard reset the Centro, ran NVBackup on the 680, and then put the SD card & SIM card in the Centro and ran an NVBackup restore. Everything seem to work. But...I swapped the SD card & SIM back to the 680 for a day. During that time, I changed the name of a calendar appointment and also added an additional entry to Passwords Plus. I then synced the 680 (I sync to Outlook, not the Palm Desktop), swapped the cards into the Centro, and synced the Centro. The appointment I changed on the 680 did not sync to the Centro (but the new Passwords Plus entry did). It's correct in the 680 and in Outlook, but just wouldn't update on the Centro. Also, it didn't duplicate the appointment. Not sure what the deal is. Anyone doing this and not having problems? Should I rely on NVBackup to sync the phones when I swap? Any issues using a backup created on the 680 on a Centro (and vice versa)?

Any thoughts/suggestions would be welcome.



PS - Shameless plug for NVBackup. It rules. Saved my a$$ on many an occasion. HIGHLY recommended.