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    Hey all
    I am interested in either of the two phones mentioned (the unlocked gsm centro or an unlocked t680) I know there are threads on here about this, but ive never read a clear cut answer. So i was wondering, what are the benefits of one over the other and drawbacks to each device and what would you recommend? Thanks
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    Get the Centro, supports Googles my location, battery life more optimized on the Centro despite smaller battery, faster, less bro-in-law upgrade from unlocked Treo 680 to Centro and states he'll never go back to the Treo 680. I went from a 700p to Centro and feel the same!
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    Get the Centro. Hands down.
    I lived with the 680 for 2 years and it was painful. Poor battery life, buggy, missed calls.
    Had the Centro for 2 months, so much more reliable, similar to the good old 650, and battery life is an improvement.
    The form factor smaller, lighter, screen is still an appropriate size, buttons are a bit smaller but still can type reasonably fast.

    You can't go wrong.
    This will probably be the last Palm smartphoen I buy anyway. A move to Windows mobile or iphone in the next 2 years is inevitable, unless palm bring out their next new impressive OS soon.
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    Hi, everyone. This is my first post here. I struggle with this to this day. I actually have both. I have found I like everything about the Centro except the keyboard. Maybe I have bigger fingers, but I could not get used to the smaller keys and the stiff tactile feedback. I use the Centro when I want a smaller device. But when I know I'll be taking a lot of notes (which is often) I use the 680. As was stated above, the Centro is faster and less buggy.

    Hopefully, Palm will come out with some new devices with slide-out keyboards when the debut their new OS. We'll have to wait & see.
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    Treo 680 Pros:
    -Larger, more comfortable keyboard
    -Larger, easier on the eyes LCD
    -Larger, more comfortble stylus
    -Availability of OEM-sized extended capacity batteries from Seidio (up to 1600mAh stock size, 2400mAh with the "rumpshaker" bulge)
    -Fullsize SDHC slot. Easier cross-compatability with digital cameras etc. Handles 4gigs "officially" & 8/16gb SDHC unofficially, with 32GB cards about to hit the market.
    -Wider variety of accescories/peripherals
    -Moderately larger DBheap/cache memory sizes than the Centro
    -Arguably better build quality & more subdued, professional styling (IMO)

    Centro Pros:
    -Lower pricetag (both w/ contract & unlocked)
    -Brighter, whiter LCD
    -Smaller,thinner,lighter formfactor
    -Louder speakerphone volume
    -NVFS optimizations means less lag
    -Newer OS & newer/better bundled apps (PTunes Deluxe, DTG 10 etc)
    -Slightly more stable Bluetooth
    -More available RAM out of the box (~68.1 mb vs. ~64mb)
    -Better camera resolution
    -Officially supports Google Maps location functions
    -A "current" & "hot" model, so the likelihood of future ROM updates & support from Palm is far greater. The 680 is EOL'd, for all intents & purposes.

    So the Centro clearly has many more small positives in its favor and is generally a newer, more value-oriented design. However, to me a smartphone is all about screen size, keyboard size/comfort & battery life instead of bells & whistles. So while I'd personally take a 680 over a Centro (since I own a 755p instead of a CDMA Centro-and yes, I've used both) many others would prefer a Centro or happily take either.

    P.S. Something else to take into can find a gently used unlocked 680 quite easily on E-Bay etc. Finding an unlocked Centro for anything less than $299 these days is not going to be easy, due to the newness of that device. Just something to keep in mind unofficially.
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